Web design

So far from this experience I’ve already learned how much better using WordPress is and I’m working with CSS for the first time. I used to think CSS was going to be a learning curve that was too much to be bothered with. Thinking to myself, “Why learn CSS when I already know HTML well and can code everything in that?” So not the case! CSS is making my life a million times easier and quicker, but since I hadn’t been using it before I still have to manually go in to each page’s code and remove formatting and redirect to the CSS doc. After that though I’ll be golden and can start working on the content more. I figure that the CSS update is more important right now ’cause firstly I want the site to look good and load fast, secondly I was using a lot of copyrighted images and stuff which if this blog ever starts to be read by more than two people I’m sure I would eventually get in trouble for.


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