Another undated one

I am a joke. I am one to scoff at for his disformity, conformity, and his wrongdoings.
I stand up for one belief.
You fucker. You are an abomination to God. Do you not believe in the transfiguration of Jesus’s body and blood?
You ask do you!? I shall give you the answer you deserve to hear. The answer that I have longed to shout! There is no god!!
You, you ask. Why would he do that?
I, I say I do not know. Yet I know! Why do I wear a ‘guardians of paradise’ shirt at this foul hour? Because Justin wore such a shirt as this one. What you ask does Justin have to do with this? Everything! What does Justin represent to me? Death. Death at it’s fullest form. It’s only form. Wherefore art thou God? Nowhere dost he hence lay forth.
As a famous man once said. E=mc^2 The E represents energy. m represents mass which is anything and


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