5th pd. – Nov 7, 2002

I remember writing this one with Alden during lunch in the cafeteria.


I like my cookies salty
Not malty you mother fucking a$$hole$
I don’t want Chef’s salty balls
I want salty cookies
Made with salt damnit!
Sodium Silicoaluminate I want not!
Just straight pure salt and my cookies
Fuck Limp Bizkit with his nookie
I just want my salty cookies
Bitch!      *Ricky solo*
Avril Lavigne is not the queen
‘Cause I am the king of my fiend, salt
With cookies!
My cookie has an aftertaste,
It’s all my fault
I added too much salt

*Ray solo*

*overlapping lyrics*

Remember my first time having a salty
It was when I was watching those
damn wookies at Star Wars
When my family was really poor
And salt was all we could afford


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