October Third

This one has (2002) written up in the corner but isn’t part of the title. It seems that this binder is a collection of song lyrics and poems that I wrote. I remember the day I wrote this one very well.


As I sat regarding a cheese grater
I thought of my friends who left me
While I was in mood to be in company
I thought of what my life was becoming
And I definately wanted no part of it
I thought of what tomorrow would bring
I wouldn’t be the same
It was my own choice
And I am to blame
I thought of a letter in my pocket
A letter
A letter I could only partially read
My guilt presses my toes to the windowsill
But I won’t die
To battle with no regrets
A battle I want no part of
Yet I will fight for my own cause
As I am the only one fighting
I refuse to fall
But I fear I will
I see myself in the kitchen
Myself and no other
As we sit there laughing
And talking of old times
We talk to myself of tomorrow
Such poorly made paths
But the boots I wear are good
And they shall live to see another day
I reach to my pocket for a written note
And prepare for


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