The coffee who smokes

I also remember very well the day this was written. Even when I write poorly I don’t suck this bad, meaning that this was written by someone else but I assisted with the lyrics – a combined effort if you will.


Smoking in the park
& then i saw a narc
then i took my virginian cancer stick
& put it by crashers dick
but that wasnt working out too well
& then the VA cancer stick fell…
in my coffee

Ricky eats shaved pun
while watching the looney tunes
Maddys fav color is red
Jenna wishes Guy was dead
Chicago cops suck hairy monkey balls
Lynn was hot drunk
she was drinkin’ coffee…
the coffee who smokes!

oh i think i lost my money
that would suck balls
the same hairy monkey balls
that Chic. cops suck.
Michael John is a perv.
He makes up storys that aren’t true
i’ve had more pun than he’ll ever get
in his whole entire life.
he tryed to kiss Jenna & Lynn & Guy
he is so gay
cuz he was drinking coffeee, but
not the good coffee…not the coffee who smokes

the narcs
we threw it away
it landed in the
we trusted
the coffee
with our
VA cancer stick
But it smoked it all
that little dick!
That was my
last VA cancer stick
Bitch! Bitch


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