Nov. 5

I skipped a few pages of guitar tabs and stuff.


As I slip closer and closer to the edge
I wonder who would care.
Duty is heavy as a mountain,
death as light as a feather.
I mostly take the easy way out of things
And things usually work out for me
I usually choose without thinking
But this time I am thinking
More clearly than ever
It’s a rainy day coming in from the city square
Razors in my pocket and guitar in hand.

The following is on the back side of the sheet. Written at a different time with Guy.

Sittin’ at home on a Saturday
Wasted night and a shithole day
When I turn on fuckin MtV
What do you think I fuckin see
Fuckin rappers and posers
Claimin to be no livin soldiers.
Punk is dyin’ it’s lost it’s touch
Underground bands suck so fuckin much
Like Mike’s Mom!


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